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event_note December 23, 2023
Samyantar 23

location_on Hotel Marriott

event_note December 8, 2023

location_on Jaipuria Institute Management

event_note November 18, 2023
Annual Alumni Meet of Delhi NCR Chapter

location_on Chelmsford Club on Raisina Road

event_note October 14, 2023
Eastern Chapter Meet

location_on Regenta Inn Larica
Biswa Bangla Sarani,C.hinar Park. Kolkata - 700157, Beside Assam Oil Petrol Pump

event_note August 6, 2023
Bengaluru Chapter Alumni Meet–6th Aug-23

location_on Elegant Royal Orchid

No openings at present

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Happy Birthday

Nidhi Dayal (Srivastava)

22nd June

Batch - 1999 : PGDBA

Ajit Mittal

29th June

Batch - 1999 : PGDBA

Rashmi Singh

27th June

Batch - 2007 : PGDM

Mariam Mateen

9th June

Batch - 2009 : PGDM

Ashish Tulasyan

29th June

Batch - 2009 : PGDM

Vibhor Bajpai

9th June

Batch - 2011 : PGDM-FS

Shruti Kulshreshtha

7th June

Batch - 2012 : PGDM

P.M. Peter

29th June

Batch - 2013 : PGDM

Sandeep Singh

10th June

Batch - 2014 : PGDM

Aishwarya Srivastava

12th June

Batch - 2014 : PGDM

Jitendra Kumar Tiwari

14th June

Batch - 2014 : PGDM-RM

Shashank Sengar

18th June

Batch - 2014 : PGDM

Ruchi Pipil

25th June

Batch - 2014 : PGDM-RM

Shashank Kumar

9th June

Batch - 2016 : PGDM-FS

Vaibhav Mathur

28th June

Batch - 2017 : PGDM-FS

Avni Chauhan

27th June

Batch - 2018 : PGDM-FS

Satwik Ginodia

19th June

Batch - 2020 : PGDM

Smally Tiwary

16th June

Batch - 2022 : PGDM-FS

Sakshi Gupta

17th June

Batch - 2022 : PGDM

Saloni Mishra

5th June

Batch - 2023 : PGDM

Rohit Kumar Jha

6th June

Batch - 2023 : PGDM-Retail Management

Laleshwar Dubey

10th June

Batch - 2023 : PGDM-RM

Ateequa Khan

20th June

Batch - 2023 : PGDM-RM

Akash goyal

30th June

Batch - 2023 : PGDM-Services Management


Jaipuria Institute of Management

Jaipuria Institute of Management is proud to be recognized and ranked by several accrediting agencies nationally. The institute has not only been accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA), and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) but also is a member of AACSB and is accredited by NAAC.

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Alumni Association

Our alumni have a history of shared experiences and memories, understood by those who studied before them, those who studied with them and those who will soon join the alumni community.


At Jaipuria, you will be mentored by these distinguished alumni who are successfully leading and leveraging Jaipuria learning across global platforms. Benefit from the ongoing Alumni Mentorship Programme. Get industry insights and experiences. Enhance skills. Plan career goals. Get the heads up in the industry you are dreaming to be a part of.

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