About Alumni Association

A founder can carry an institution only so far, and then others have to step in, even the alumni. That’s how an institution becomes one.


Alumni are an integral part of any institution. Alumni at Jaipuria Institute of Management is contributing frequently and consistently by various means. At the same time, they require Alma- Mater’s support in pursuit of their personal or professional endeavors. Hence, keeping the wide spectrum of services which can be offered to alumni and vice versa, this platform is created to allow them to have an enhanced communication with alumni across verticals, alma mater, and students.

The Alumni dashboard primarily focusses on the following objectives:


  1. Creating a robust arena for strengthening the alumni and alma mater connect in all possible ways.
  2. Achieving an increased rate of alumni connections through the easy and user-friendly medium.
  3. Equating and balancing the whole process of interaction either ways.
  4. Showcasing and highlighting alumni achievements for instant sharing amongst the alumni community.
  5. Constantly grow, develop and maintain an indispensable community for the holistic advancement of all the stakeholders of the Institution.

Alumni Dashboard enables a user to register and then search the data based on different criteria. A user can easily obtain information about other registered users. The dashboard outlines various modules and services which can be offered to alumni and which alumni wish to offer.