Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

Terms used

Jaipuria Institute of Management Alumni Association: Henceforth will be connoted (we, our, us) as grammatically suitable.
Jaipuria Institute of Management Alumni AssociationUser("User"): Person who uses our products and services with Jaipuria Institute of Management Alumni Association credentials.
Person has Jaipuria Institute of Management Alumni Association credentials once he signs up by providing 'personal information.
Henceforth will be connoted (you, your) as grammatically suitable).
Personal Information: Personal Information is that information that you provide to us to identify yourself personally. Your name, email address, telephone number, billing details form your personal information.
Cookie: Cookie is a small file that we send on the computer to store your information. It helps in recognizing the browser, device. It also stores 'persistent information about you so that we can recognize you and can provide personalized experience.
The privacy policy describes how we collect, use, protect and share information when you use our products and services.
This document also describes our privacy practices.

Information we collect

  • We collect only that information which you share with us. So you choose what you want to share and how you want to share. So we collect your personal information if and only if you choose to share it through our products and services.
  • Although we own code, databases, and all rights to the application, you retain all rights to your data.
  • We use cookies to store your information and collect information to process your requests.
  • We use web storage mechanisms to store and collect your information and some information may be considered as personal information by you.
  • We collect information at the hardware level like screen resolution, browser properties, device information to optimize our products and services.
  • We collect information at the application level like errors, crashes, failures to provide improvements and customer services.
  • The information that we collect at hardware and application level does not identify you with your products though it may have information that is unique and you may consider it as personal.
  • Logs: We record, collect and store information when you access our products through a browser or application. The information may include your request, actions performed, browser details, device details, time and date and information from cookies to identify you or your browser uniquely.
  • We collect information volunteered by users (such as survey/poll information and/or site registration) to improve the quality of our products and services

Uses of the Information

  • Your information and data is topmost priority for us. We collect information to improve our products and services and are not shared or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes, except to provide products and services you have requested, when we have your permission.
  • We will maintain, preserve and protect the information and rights of our users in compliance with laws and processes of the land, or government requests against fraud, security threats to have protection against harm to you and our rights and safety
  • We use information to process your requests. We will use your information to personalize our products and give you improved services and better user experience.
  • We use your information to develop new features and improve the overall quality of our products and services.
  • We may use your email address to communicate and provide you our products and services and keep you informed.
  • We use your personal information during any financial transaction through our products to bill you and handle billing problems.(not sure abt this...)
  • We will ask for your permission and consent for any information sharing that may be sensitive and personal.
  • For improving your experience using our products, we may share information with other organizations that may need your information for providing service on our behalf. We require that they comply with our privacy policy and adhere to confidentiality, integrity, security measures.
  • To improve our products and services, we may use third party applications. You will be able to access such services through our products. The information collected by third party services is governed by their privacy policy. You should choose to access such services only after you understand their privacy policy.
  • We will ask for your consent and permission if we intend to use information for a purpose other than what it is collected for.


Information sharing and transfer

  • For our web based products: All requests must come through your ISP. For information treatment by your ISP, you should consult your ISPs privacy policy.
  • For our mobile based products: All requests must come through your operator. For information treatment by your operator, you should consult your operators privacy policy.
  • If we are involved in a sale, acquisition, bankruptcy, we will ensure confidentiality of your information, transactions, and provide notice and communication to you to choose to continue using the products and services as the information will be subject to a different privacy policy.

Information Security

  • We take all measures to protect against unauthorized access, alteration, destruction, abuse where data is stored.
  • We have restricted access to information to our employees, and partners who need information for processing it on our behalf.
  • We will review our compliance with privacy policy regularly. We will co-operate with our users and legal and data protection authorities to resolve complaints.
  • We will seek your consent if we may alter your rights under any changes to privacy policy.

Contact Information:


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P. 0522 2394296/97
F. +91 522 2394295