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Category: Advertising & Marketing


calendar_month Batch: 2002 - 2003 : PGDP

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arrow_circle_rightAdvertising & Marketing Campaigns Available at India

Category: Bakery


calendar_month Batch: 2003 - 2005 : PGDBA

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightBakery Available at India

Category: Jewellery Business

P K Jewellers

person Prasoon Omer
calendar_month Batch: 2019 - 2021 : PGDM

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightGold and Silver Ornaments Available at Hoolaganj Road, Kanpur

Category: Manufacturer

K Square Advertising

person Brij Chandra
calendar_month Batch: 1998 - 2000 : PGDBA

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightSignage manufacturing, graphics , visual merchandising, retail display units Available at North and South India

Category: Media Relations

calendar_month Batch: 2005 - 2006 : PGDP

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arrow_circle_rightBrand Marketing Available at India

Category: NULL


calendar_month Batch: 2007 - 2009 : PGDM

Category: Real Estate

Inframantra Pvt Ltd

person Garvit Tiwari
calendar_month Batch: 2007 - 2009 : Finance

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arrow_circle_rightReal Estate Available at India

Category: Real- state, construction and corporate and residential interiors. Aksstagga is a Fashion brand

Silvergate Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. & Aksstagga Klasse Coutures

person Anjali Singh
calendar_month Batch: 1997 - 1999 : PGDBA

We are a well established company doing government tenders all over India but now in the process of shifting the vision to corporate and resedential interiors with complete solutions from civil work to decor work.

Products/Services offered

arrow_circle_rightCivil Construction, corporate interiors, residential interiors and furnishings Available at Delhi-NCR, Lucknow

arrow_circle_rightApparel’s for niche clientele and bespoke products along with home decor and furnishing products also available Available at Delhi-NCR & Lucknow