AAGAZ-2024 at JIM-Lucknow: Spotlight on Rising Stars

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Mar 21, 2024

“Aagaaz – Showcase Your Talent" was more than just about flaunting skills. It was a fierce arena to sharpen talents of the undergraduate students of Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. Organised on 14 March, students seized a golden chance to flaunt their flair among peers, basking in a glow of recognition and applause. With top-notch judges and mentors on board, students received priceless feedback to finesse their artistry and unlock their potential. Beyond a mere show, this event was a turbo boost for personal and professional growth, equipping students to strut through their academic and career paths with flair and finesse.

The event was conducted under the guidance of Dr. Rashmi Chaudhary (Dean, Student Affairs) and well-coordinated by Saurabh Gyanani (Student Coordinator, Domain Forum Committee) and. Arihant Pandy (Student Coordinator, Cultural Committee). Check out the competitions in different categories and their winners:

Poster Making:

The Poster Making Competition was held to assess participants' capacity to convey impactful social messages through creative posters. It was an individual event where participants were allotted 45 minutes to craft their posters. All necessary materials were provided to the participants to utilize in their creations.

Winner - Sarvajeet Kumar Prajapati
1st Runner-up - Kaushiki Singh
2nd Runner-up - Anjali Bharti


Rangmanch, a stage play competition, provided a platform for participants to convey social messages through creative performances. Teams of 5-12 members showcased acts addressing common or social issues, incorporating humour, sarcasm and satire. Participants were allowed to include dance, music and props to enhance their performance. The maximum time limit for setting-up and performing was 15 minutes.

Winner – Lucknow University
1st Runner-up – Amity University 

The Treasure Hunt

The Treasure Hunt took place within the college premises. The event challenged teams of 3 or 4 members to complete a series of tasks within a set time frame. Winners were determined based on timing, the first team to locate all the treasures were the winner. 

Winner - Allies
1st Runner-up – Integral College
2nd Runner-up - Quest squad

Jingle Mingle

Jingle Mingle was a captivating competition that tested participating team’s ability to identify iconic advertisements from various media platforms. The competition took place on Kahoot and featured 30 ads in poster, audio or video formats. Winners were determined based on both timing and accuracy.

Winner – Abhay Gupta
1st Runner-up - Gursimran Kaur
2nd Runner-up - Shireen Fatima

Business Trivia

Business Trivia offered participants the chance to showcase their business knowledge and acumen through an engaging quiz-based event. Teams of 3 members competed, facing questions ranging from general awareness to business. The quiz featured multiple rounds and formats.

Winner - National PG College (Pranjal Sharma)
1st Runner-up - Amity University (Gaurvi Jaiswal, Sundaram Pandey, Meenakshi Mishra)

Dance Through Decades

‘Dance Through Decades’ was a solo dance event celebrating the evolution of dance styles and music across various decades. Participants showcased iconic dance styles from different time periods, including freestyle, jazz, swing, disco, hip-hop and contemporary. The event allowed dancers to incorporate period-appropriate costumes, props and music to enhance the authenticity of their performances. Each participant had a time limit of 2 minutes to showcase their chosen dance style, ranging from classical to contemporary.

Winner - Shubham Kanaujiya
1st Runner-up - Akhilesh Kumar
2nd Runner-up - Samridhi Saxena & Priyanshi (Tie)

Voice Odyssey

Voice Odyssey singing competition invited vocalists to showcase their talent. Participants had 3 minutes to perform songs from various genres, including classical, semi-classical, western and Bollywood, as well as English songs. Use of karaoke and an instrumental accompanist were permitted.

Winner - Samriddhi Pandey
1st Runner-up - Shikhar Verma
2nd Runner-up - Arpita Pant


Fashionista provided a platform for participants to showcase cultural fusion through fashion. Round 1 featured a runway walk highlighting attire representing participants' cultural heritage. In Round 2, each participant shared a unique aspect of their culture. The event encouraged individual expression and required attire reflecting cultural backgrounds.

Winner - Agrima dwivedi
1st Runner-up - Pratigya Singh 
2nd Runner-up - Shivam Burman

Beyond the Limelight

Beyond the Limelight offered an inclusive open mic contest, showcasing unconventional talents often overlooked in mainstream entertainment. Original content was valued. Participants expressed their passions through stand-up comedy, poetry, rapping, beatboxing, instrument playing, or monologues. Performances were limited to 2 minutes.

Winner - Snehil Rastogi
1st Runner-up - Anant Mishra
2nd Runner-up - Niharika Pradhan and team
Until next AAGAZ, we wish the participants excellence in academic and cultural enrichment during their stay in the institution.