Jaipuria Institute of Management's Ojas’23 Kicks Off with Enthusiasm and Flair: A Day Packed with Talent and Entertainment!


Inter-College Fest Themed 'Hollywood Hilarity: The Sitcom Experience' Sets a High Bar on Day One, Showcasing Varied Talent and Energy

Lucknow | Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow, commenced its highly anticipated inter-college cultural and literary festival, Ojas’23, with an electrifying start. Day one witnessed a myriad of spirited competitions and engaging events, drawing participants from various colleges across the city. Mr. Sourabh Singh, DGM & Zonal Head, UCO Bank was the chief guest of the inaugural ceremony.


A Day of Vibrancy and Talent

The inaugural ceremony set the stage for a series of gripping competitions that encapsulated the essence of 'Hollywood Hilarity: The Sitcom Experience.' Participants eagerly showcased their talents in a variety of events, from the riveting "Friendscribe" to the intellectually stimulating "Two and a Half Rounds" quiz.
In the "Friendscribe" competition, contestants were challenged to recreate iconic scenes from the beloved sitcom "Friends" by putting their creative twists on the lines and actions. The atmosphere was filled with laughter and enthusiasm as participants brought their favorite characters to life, showcasing their knowledge, wit, and creativity. The "Two and a Half Rounds" quiz proved to be a true test of wit and knowledge. Participants had to answer questions related to popular sitcoms, challenging their understanding of sitcom history and intricate details. The audience was impressed by the contestants' quick thinking and ability to recall memorable moments from different sitcoms.


Breaking Stereotypes and Witty Showdowns

Ojas'23 demonstrated its commitment to social relevance through the thought-provoking "Nukkad Natak" competition. Street plays have long been known for their power to break stereotypes and raise awareness about important issues. In this competition, participants took to the streets, showcasing their talent and creativity while addressing social stereotypes. The performances served as a medium of expression, challenging societal norms and advocating for inclusivity. Meanwhile, "Sitcom Satire and Showdown" had teams engaging in a battle of wits, employing humor as a potent tool. Contestants showcased their comedic timing and ability to deliver punchlines, leaving the audience in splits. The competition provided a platform for participants to explore their comedic talents and showcase their unique perspectives on sitcom culture.


Diverse Showcases of Talent

Ojas'23 celebrated the diverse talents of its participants through a range of events. "Feathered Fun: Nest Building Extravaganza" brought out the innovators and problem solvers, as teams competed to build the most efficient bird's nest. Participants displayed their creativity, using unconventional materials to construct sturdy and functional nests. The event was a testament to the participants' ingenuity and demonstrated the festival's spirit of embracing novelty.

"Buzzingaaa! The Sitcom Quiz Challenge" challenged participants' knowledge of not only popular sitcoms but also the trivia and behind-the-scenes aspects of the genre. It was a battle of intellect, where contestants had to think fast and come up with quick and accurate responses. The event showcased the participants' in-depth knowledge of sitcom culture and their ability to recall lesser-known facts.

"Fashionista: Tale Couture" brought together fashion and storytelling, adding a unique dimension to the fest. Participants explored the intersection of fashion and narrative, using their garments to tell a story. The catwalk became a stage for creativity and self-expression as participants unleashed their inner designers and showcased their distinct fashion sensibilities.


An Evening of Melody and Fashion

As the day progressed, the energy reached its peak with "Singing - Tunes & Chuckles." Participants mesmerized the audience with their soulful renditions, transporting everyone to a world of melodies and emotions. The harmonious atmosphere filled the air, showcasing the musical talents of the participants and leaving the audience craving for more.

The creative extravaganza continued at "Fashionista: Tale Couture," where participants brought their fashion A-game. Each outfit had a story to tell, and the catwalk became a runway of imagination and creativity. The fusion of fashion and narrative captivated the audience, as participants showcased their sartorial flair and ability to weave tales through their garments.


The Way Forward

The first day of Ojas’23 witnessed stellar participation, setting a high bar for the ensuing day. The festival promises more exhilarating events, fostering camaraderie and celebrating the vibrant talents of budding managers. Ojas'23 is not just a display of talent but also a platform for personal growth and learning. As the festivities continue, participants and organizers alike eagerly anticipate the events yet to come, confident that Ojas’23 will deliver a memorable and enriching experience. Ojas would conclude tomorrow with celebrity night with singer Arjun Kanungo.


Key Highlight Events of the first day of Ojas 2023

  • Inaugural ceremony
  • Friendscribe - Elevator Pitch Relay & Creative Writing Race.
  • Two and a Half Rounds - A quiz to check the particpants' knowledge of famous sitcoms and American TV shows
  • Nukkad Natak - The Pomp and Play - Nukkad Natak was a street play competition at Ojas through which various teams spoke in the lingo of the common folks and outlined captivating issues that are also socially relevant, the main endeavour or the main focus was on breaking the stereotypes in today’s world or arising social and political issues in the world.
  • Sitcom Sattire and Showdown - The Meme Mayhem & Sarcasm Slam - Teams used their infectious humour to outwit opponents, aiming to keep a straight face. The surviving team would advance to "Sarcasm Slam," a witty battle of words. Pairs compete, armed with sarcasm and quick thinking, crafting hilarious conversations around random phrases.
  • Feathered Fun: Nest Building Extravaganza - The participants showcased their skills in crafting the most innovative and functional bird nests.
  • BUZZINGAAA! The Sitcom Quiz Challenge - Buzzingaaa was a quiz where the questions were quite like riddles and the contestants had to guess the right answer.
  • Singing - Tunes & Chuckles - Singcom Challenge was a melodic premier solo singing competition where the Participants could select songs from Classical / Semi-Classical / Western / Bollywood or whichever genre they wished to perform.
  • Fashionista: Tale Couture - Under the theme of "STORY TELLING" the participants had to become a part of this creative and innovative extravaganza, where their unique stories were reflected through fashion and creativity.
  • DJ Night - The first day of Ojas'23 concluded with a DJ night with DJ Vishal.

“The Ojas phenomenon has become the heartbeat of our campus. We're not only actively discussing it, but are all immersed in a collective daydream. For a fresher like me, the curiosity is heightened, and the thrill of the unknown adds an extra layer of excitement. I can't wait to be a part of this unfolding chapter.” - Parth Shukla (Student Batch 2023-25, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow).


“In my role as the coordinator of the student body for the cultural committee, the anticipation for Ojas is not just about being a spectator; it's about being an active participant. It's a collective endeavour—a fest by the students and for the students. The very essence of Ojas lies in the participation, enthusiasm, and contribution of each student” - Arihant Pandey (Student Coordinator, Cultural Committee, Batch 2022-24 Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow).


“As a junior representative of the Media Relations Committee, my journey toward creating a buzz for Ojas has been nothing short of exhilarating. The joy of being a part of the team that breathes life into this grand event is beyond words. The enthusiasm, the tireless efforts, and the collective passion within our committee has formed the beating heart of Ojas's prelude. What adds to the thrill is the knowledge that we are not just promoting an event; we are fostering a sense of community, building bridges of connection among students, and creating lasting memories. Ojas isn't just a festival; it's an experience that extends far beyond the days of celebration. What adds to the thrill is the knowledge that we are not just promoting an event; we are fostering a sense of community, building bridges of connection among students, and creating lasting memories. Ojas isn't just a festival; it's an experience that extends far beyond the days of celebration.” - Yuvraj Singh Bhaduriya (Student Batch 2023-25, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow)


“After witnessing last year’s extravaganza, we know that we are in for a treat. Ojas is not just an annual fest, it is an opportunity to connect, discover and make countless memories. It is about discovering your passions and challenging your potential. Our hard work, dedication, and our vision as organizing committees are all going to show their colours as Ojas’23 becomes a marvelous spectacle, that the college and our students remember for a lifetime.” - Sambit Sotmon (Student Coordinator, Media Relations Committee, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow)





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