‘Alumni V/S Students Cricket and Badminton Match’ – JIM Lucknow

“You must not only have competitiveness but ability, regardless of the circumstances you face, to never quit.”

On 14th February, 2021, Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow organized ‘Alumni V/S Students Cricket and Badminton Match’ at Jaipuria School Ground and Badminton Court in Jaipuria Institute of Management, Lucknow. The meet was organised by Alumni Relations Committee under the guidance of Prof. Manisha Seth, Faculty Coordinator, Mr. Nitin Mohan, Assistant Manager, Alumni Relations Committee and Mr. Samarth Sanal, Student Coordinator, Alumni Relations Committee for building strong relationship between the institution and its alumni. This friendly face-off was successful with the support and coordination of the Sports Committee under the guidance of Prof. Maneesh Yadav, Faculty Coordinator, Sports Committee and Mr. Abhay Kumar Yadav, Student Coordinator, Sports Committee. The matches were held between the alumni of the institution and the students. Dr. Kavita Pathak, Director, Jaipuria Institute of Management and Prof. Dheeraj Misra, Professor- Finance and Accounting graced the competitions by their presence.

Both the alumni and students performed with great enthusiasm and alacrity and showcased their magnificent talents. The cricket match was played in two teams, alumni and the students’ team, consisting of 11 members each.

The composition of team of alumni was as follows:

  • Mr. Anish Mathew (2004-06)
  • Mr. Siddhartha Gupta (2013-15)
  • Mr. Chandan Tripathi (2017-19)
  • Mr. Nitesh Kumar (2016-18)
  • Mr. Sagar Gupta (2017-19)
  • Mr. Pranav Sharma (2018-20)
  • Mr. Saif Mehdi (2016-18)
  • Mr. Pratishek Das (2016-18)
  • Mr. Sidharth Sharma (2018-20)
  • Mr. Shivendra Mathur (2017-19)
  • Mr. Ankush Singh (2018-20)

The team of students for the Cricket match comprised of:

  • Mr. Gaurav Bisht – Captain
  • Mr. Rishabh Ojha
  • Mr. Chandan Borgohain
  • Mr. Akash Negi
  • Mr. Prateek Rastogi
  • Mr. Qazi Umair
  • Mr. Rahul Singh
  • Mr. Abhay Kumar
  • Mr. Ayush Singh
  • Mr. Mudassar Hussain
  • Mr. Gaurav Agarwal

The match commenced with the toss which was won by the alumni team and they chose to field first. The umpires for the match were Mr. Paras Bhatt and Mr. Pawan Pandey and the scorer was Mr. Ashwini Jaiswal. It was 15 overs match and the game was played with utmost assiduity and perfection with each player showcasing the spirit of sportsmanship and perseverance. The scorecard of the cricket match was:

Students’ Team – 75 runs in 15 overs

Alumni Team – 49 runs in 15 overs

Students’ team won by 26 runs. The players paved way for exquisite performances and Man of the Match was Mr. Chandan Borgohain. Next in line was the badminton match between the students and the alumni. The alumni team had-

  • Dr. Manisha Seth (1995-97)
  • Mr. Arpan Sanyal (1997-99)
  • Ms. Asmita Singh (2005-07)
  • Mr. Nitesh Kumar (2016-18)
  • Mr. Ankush Singh (2018-20)
  • Mr. Saif Mehdi (2016-18)
  • Mr. Manish Kumar

The student’s team had the following members-

Badminton Men-

  • Mr. Rajat Jaiswal
  • Mr. Vishal Verma
  • Mr. Amol Kumar
  • Mr. Shashank Shekhar
  • Mr. Avi Soni
  • Mr. Chandan Borgohain
  • Mr. Harshit Bisaria
  • Mr. Vivek Ojha

Badminton Women\’s-

  • Ms. Saumya Yadav
  • Ms. Poonam Dutta
  • Ms. Nivedita Sharma
  • Ms. Bulbul Singh

The Referee was Mr. Chaitanya Krishna Dubey who just and fair in his judgement. The match was played with full zeal and competitiveness. Both the alumni and the students’ team were determined to win. The Men’s single was won by Mr. Amol Kumar (students’ team) while the trophy for Men’s double was grabbed by Mr. Nitesh Kumar (alumni 2016-18) and Mr. Ankush Singh (alumni 2018-20). The winners for Women’s single were Ms Saumya Yadav whereas for Women’s Double were Prof. Manisha Seth (alumni 1995-97) and Ms. Asmita Singh (alumni 2005-07).

The joyous day ended with the prize distribution ceremony which was honoured with the presence of Prof. Dheeraj Misra, Professor- Finance and Accounting, Punit Jaiswal, President, Alumni Lucknow Chapter and Anish Mathew, Vice President, Alumni Lucknow Chapter. With cake cutting all the faculties, alumni and the students bid their adieu happily while cherishing all the beautiful memories created during all the activities.

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