Punarsangam 2014 – A meet of 300 alumni of four campuses coming together from various part of the country

Jaipuria Institute of Management hosted its 3rd All Campus Alumni meet in Jacaranda Hall, Indian Habitat Centre, New Delhi on 11th January, 2014. Keeping in sync with the trend, the 2014 instalment of the annual alumni meet turned out to be a strong gathering of more than 300 alumni coming together to celebrate their school from different parts of country. In fact, alumni right from the first batch to the most recent one attended the event.

Jaipuria Institute of Management has always considered its alumni as its sterling ambassadors. They are the windows to Jaipuria’s world. The institute does everything possible to ensure that its students are prepared for the challenges in their professional lives and these alumni stand written testimonies to the facts.

Little wonder then that when their B school was hosting an event of this magnitude, alumni from different distant places came calling on what they consider their second home. And the event itself turned out to be a spectacular one, much to everyone’s delight. It was a platform for these past students to share their professional experiences, inspire the juniors and reminiscence about their days at the institute. And the evening had the perfect ambience for all of that.

It all began with the ceremonial lighting of lamp by chief guest Mr. Dev Amritesh, President and COO of Dunkin’ Donuts division at Jubilant FoodWorks. His brief speech was followed by an elaborate video showcasing the achievements of Jaipuria in the recent past. The audience was then treated to a classical dance performance on Ganesh Vandana by Paridhi Bathwal. Dr. Pankaj Gupta, Director General Jaipuria Institute of Management then graced the audience and gave a brief report on Jaipuria’s progress and activities over the last year. It was a fantastic start to the evening and had the gathering completely mesmerized. “I was looking forward to coming here and seeing some recognizable faces. Everything was just perfect and kudos to the organizers for putting on a great show. I had not expected Punarsangam to be such a huge event.” mentioned Satish Jain, a recent graduate working with Deloitte.

Since some of the brightest minds that have come out of the institute were present at the gathering, it seemed only natural that they would engage in a panel discussion on “Raising the bar: Jaipuria making students industry-ready”. Jaipuria has always valued the feedback and opinion of its own alumni. Important points were made during the discussion by panellists that included names like Mr. Vineet Arora, Marketing Manager at HCL Infosystems Ltd. and Mr. Swapnil Tiwari, Founder, Naked Colours, to name a few. The discussion had a fabulous response from the alumni audience who were more than happy to share their experienced inputs.

It was then time for the ambassadors of the institute to talk about their professional experiences and their current lives. Listening to some of the stupendous success stories must have been hugely inspiring for others, especially those who had last the institute only a couple of years ago. Saheli Bakshi, from Class of 2010 said- “It is absolutely amazing to see some of our seniors doing so well for themselves in their careers. It’s motivated me to do better and reach further heights of success.”

The proceedings for the evening were drawn to a close with words of gratitude from Dr. Pankaj Gupta. He thanked the alumni for taking time out of their busy schedules and gathering for the evening. It was obvious that he was filled with pride looking at the achievements of his past students, a sentiment shared by other faculty members as well.

The evening came to an end with dinner and cocktails, which served as an opportunity for the alumni to network with each other and take a trip down the memory lane. As they laughed talking about fun experiences on the campus, they got nostalgic about their student years. The institute had, as always, drawn a gamut of emotions out of them but no one was complaining on this chilly night that was suddenly filled with warmth.

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