“I came from the retail industry, not only did Jaipuria Noida prepare me for a much bigger role, but it also ensured that I was ready for the finance and banking industry.”

Prashant Sharma passed out with the latest batch of managers (2012 batch) from Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida and has now been placed with Indian Bank as an Assistant Manager. A product of TAFS (The Air Force School), Subroto Park, Prashant completed his BBA from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, in 2009, but instead of going for his MBA immediately, he decided to get some work experience.

“After my graduation, I worked in store operations with Jumbo Electronics at their outlet in the GIP (Great India Place) Mall, Noida. My role was on the floor, and required round-the-clock interaction with customers. This experience turned me into an extrovert in my professional life. I became quite comfortable about dealing with people from different strata of society.”

After gathering this valuable 13-month work experience, Prashant decided it was time to go for an MBA and take his career to the next level. After carefully going through all his options, he zeroed in on Jaipuria Institute of Management, Noida.

“Those were the two most enjoyable years of my life. We worked hard, but partied even harder. In fact, I still remember the subgradation for not having made an 80% attendance. The most enjoyable part was preparing presentations with a group, and regular outings to Shipra Mall. I’m still in touch on Facebook with all my friends.”

Prashant finds his new station in life, as an Assistant Manager in Indian Bank, exciting and challenging. Four months into his job, he is seeing a huge learning curve in understanding different avenues of the banking industry in the effective execution of his tasks. From talking to Prashant, it is evident that his sense of gratitude to Jaipuria Noida cannot be explained in words.

“I came from the Retail industry. Not only did Jaipuria Noida prepare me for a much bigger role, but it also ensured that I was completely ready for the Finance and Banking Industry. More importantly, it gave me the necessary discipline and attitude to make this transition smooth. As a part of the Banking Industry, I deal with a very different group of people, whose needs are financial in nature.”

Prashant feels that Jaipuria Institute of Management’s greatest strength is its ability to make its students competitive. He recalls the numerous occassions on which he was pitted against strong opponents, especially at the NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) competition.

“The NEN competitions are challenging, and it is a test of creativity, intelligence, out-of-the-box thinking, teamwork, leadership qualities and a burning desire to win. There are more than 200 events over seven days, and the panel of NEN officials judges every college. Events are as per the themeand require the involvement of the Host College, external participants and sponsors. We beat teams from BIMTEC, IIT Delhi, Amity University, Delhi University and the Asia Pacific Institute to become the national champions. Me and my team members – Abhijit, Mitali, Roli, Jaspreet and Vikram – are all recognised as Entrepreneurship Leaders by NEN.”

Prashant is positive that within the next five years he will be able to grow to the level of a Branch Manager at Indian Bank. He firmly believes that Jaipuria Institute of Management has given him all the skills he needs to climb to great heights.

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